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  • Do what it says.
  • Don't play when there is no play.
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How to Consistently WIN at the SportsBook & Double your bankroll every 6 months to 12 months without stress of losing it all in one play.

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Big Splee Six Month Challenge


If I (Big Splee) don't make you money after 6 months I will return ALL your member fee's. PERIOD!

BigSplee 6 Month Challenge
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My Mission:

Provide only the highest quality investments in all pro level sports. I will never have lots of action. Only the sharpest move/moves on each daily card will be released. If there is no sharp plays,then there will be no play. My plays will meet a high benchmark that is based on historical/scientific and statistical requirements to become a play. I will never change our requirement or style, will never lie and will always post the 100% correct record. I stand by this statement forever! - Big Splee


Honesty is what I feel is the most important aspect of finding a good sports advisor.

  • I will NEVER lie.
  • I will track every single play and dollar I advise to invest.
  • If you ever catch me in a lie I will return all your fee's for the lifetime of your membership.


I am not interested in up selling you and gouging your bankroll.
I will keep the monthly membership affordable.

$100.00 a month for the VIP membership is the best value (Expect an of average 20 plays a month).

Client Testimonials:

The real deal, just play as he says and you will enjoy financial freedom. No BS here just straight cash.

- Joseph

This guy is for real! I'm up $3500 since November 2017 betting $50 a unit! Sign up if you like Money. - Birdog 77