Six Month Challenge Requirements

Big Splee Six Month Challenge
$600.00 / 6 Months ( 180 Days )

The 6 month challenge will involve the customer investing 6 months of membership ($600.00 total). They will receive a contract between Big Splee with the following requirements:

  • They will be personally coached by Big Splee and must follow the exact instructions given in each member email during 6 month challenge.
  • Have a minimum of a 3K bankroll balance which will be invested at a 1% per unit rating.
  • They must make a verbal commitment to Big Splee to not play action games and only his system with said 3K bankroll.
If the member meets these three commitments and I do not return profit in 6 months, "ALL member service fee's are returned and services are FREE".

Note: By Clicking the "Enter the Challenge" Button you agree to all three requirements.

Enter the Challenge!

Client Testimonials:

I have been following BigSplee for 3 years. It is a drastic understatement to say he is the ABSOLUTE ONLY person you should Follow! Do youself a favor and take the Challenge..You will not regret it! Your member for LIFE! - Evan G.