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How to Consistently WIN at the SportsBook & Double your bankroll every 6 months to 12 months without stress of losing it all in one play.

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Big Splee Six Month Challenge


If I (Big Splee) don't make you money after 6 months I will return ALL your member fee's. PERIOD!

BigSplee 6 Month Challenge
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My Mission:

Provide only the highest quality investments in all pro level sports. I will never have lots of action. Only the sharpest move/moves on each daily card will be released. If there is no sharp plays,then there will be no play. My plays will meet a high benchmark that is based on historical/scientific and statistical requirements to become a play. I will never change our requirement or style, will never lie and will always post the 100% correct record. I stand by this statement forever! - Big Splee


Honesty is what I feel is the most important aspect of finding a good sports advisor.

  • I will NEVER lie.
  • I will track every single play and dollar I advise to invest.
  • If you ever catch me in a lie I will return all your fee's for the lifetime of your membership.


I am not interested in up selling you and gouging your bankroll.
I will keep the monthly membership affordable.

$100.00 a month for the VIP membership is the best value (Expect an of average 20 plays a month).

Client Testimonials:

I'm your prototypical Average Joe sports bettor.  Like you, I have monthly bills outta control that add up and I want to buy a house soon.  I got into sports gambling in my early 20's and like most, I lost every extra dollar I had.  I bought packages from well over a dozen cappers in my short 7-8 years of sports betting thus far and have had no success and never came out profitable.  I have an issue too of chasing games when I would be down and lose games that were -250, -300 or more on the ML which would lose.  Point being, whether I was down $5 or $1,500 I never wanted to owe my bookie money, so I'd just and just end up losing everything and maxing out my account.  My self control was terrible.

Here I am 1 month into a package with Big Splee.  I've finally learned to control myself and only take what he puts out.  Of course just like you, I want to win $1,000 every week.  If we're lucky, it can happen but that's not the point.  The point is to gradually win money and not owe your bookie anything at the end of the week no matter how little or how big the winnings of that week are.  I'm so glad I came across Splee somehow.  I still don't remember how it happened, but in just over 3 weeks we're at $3,000 in profit which is unheard of for me personally.  Be prepared to be told how it is.  If you're easily offended and/or get upset by losing a game here or there, this might not be for you.  Splee is loud, he's proud of his work, and won't put up with the bs.  You came here to make money not friends right?  That's exactly what he's going to do for you.  I'll gladly renew with him in a heartbeat.

- Cody

This guy is for real! I'm up $3500 since November 2017 betting $50 a unit! Sign up if you like Money. - Birdog 77